BBP Focus Areas Focus Area: Eliminate Unproductive Processes and Bureaucracy



Unnecessary and low-value added processes and document requirements are a significant drag on acquisition productivity and must be aggressively identified and eliminated.


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Initiative: Reduce frequency of OSD level reviews
    • This continues the initiative to lower the frequency of OSD-level program reviews to those necessary to support major investment decisions by the USD(AT&L), to respond to poor program performance, or to assess early indications of problems with execution.



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• Expected Business Practice--Post-Critical Design Review Reports and Assessments (Memo, 02/24/2011)

• Improving Technology Readiness Assessment Effectiveness (Memo, 5/11/2011)

• Technology Readiness Assessment Guidance (Sample Outline) (Document, 04/2011)

• Improving Milestone Process Effectiveness (Memo, 06/23/2011)

• Role of Defense Contract Management Agency (Memo, 04/01/2011)


Initiative: Re-emphasize AE, PEO and PM responsibility and accountability
    • Over time the Department has moved away from the clean lines of responsibility and accountability created under Goldwater Nichols. This initiative reinforces the roles of the acquisition chain of command, in the Services and in the Department.


Initiative: Eliminate requirements imposed on industry where costs outweigh benefits
    • This will continue the initiative to identify non-value added processes that the Department may be imposing on industry. The intent is to work with industry to collect data that will enable the Department to identify requirements that can be reduced or eliminated to reduce cost without adversely affecting performance.



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Eliminating Requirements Imposed on Industry Where Costs Exceed Benefits (Report, 09/29/2015)

Questions for Industry on Eliminating Requirements Imposed on Industry for which Costs Outweigh Benefits (Document, 02/21/2014)

USD-ATL Follow-up Letters to Company CEOs on Eliminating Requirements Study (Document, 11/01/2013)

USD-ATL Letters to Industry with Enclosure (Memo, 09/17/2013)


Initiative: Reduce cycle times while ensuring sound investment decisions
  • This initiative will assess the root causes for long product cycle times, particularly long development cycles, with the goal of significantly reducing the amount of time, and therefore cost, it takes to bring a product from concept to fielding. A full range of factors – oversight activities, funding stability, contracting lead time, requirements processes, technical complexity, use of risk reduction activities, and testing requirements – will be considered as possible contributing factors.