BBP Focus Areas Focus Area: Improve Tradecraft in Acquisition of Services



The substantial amount of money spent on contract support services demands a management structure to strategically source these goods and services.


Initiative: Assign senior managers for acquisition of services
    • This initiative was completed under BBP 1.0; however, the Department will continue to emphasize the role of these senior managers in the Military Departments and the Components and assess their effectiveness in improving the acquisition of services.










Initiative: Adopt uniform services market segmentation
    • The Department has issued a directive detailing implementation guidance to standardize service taxonomy into six categories. We will focus on the market segments with the greatest potential to reduce costs, and best practices will be identified and expanded in all of the categories.


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Taxonomy for the Acquisition of Services (Taxonomy for the Acquisition of Services (Memo, 11/23/2010)


Initiative: Improve requirements definition/prevent requirements creep
    • The Department will continue this initiative. We have developed tools to assist users in writing Performance Work Statements, Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans, and Performance Requirements Summaries, and we will increase the training of cross-functional teams involved in formulating requirements for service contracts.


Initiative: Increase use of market research
    • This BBP 1.0 initiative requires additional work. We are establishing a market research portal to enhance market research and facilitate small business opportunities.


Initiative: Increase small business participation
    • A number of steps in this area have been implemented; however, we believe that the increased use of small businesses in service contracting can be a source of additional cost saving and we will continue to emphasize the participation of small businesses in this area.



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• Increase Dynamic Small Business Role in the Defense Marketplace (Memo, 6/27/2011)

• Use of Government-wide Acquisition Contracts Set Aside Exclusively for Small Businesses (Memo, 7/14/2011)

• Increasing Small Business Participation in DoD Acquisitions (Presentation, 9/29/2011)


Initiative: Strengthen contract management outside the normal acquisition chain – installations, etc.
    • A significant amount of service contracting takes place outside of acquisition activities such as research and development or product support. For example, installations of all types contract for a range of services in various categories. More proactive management of these contracted activities is expected to yield additional savings.


Initiative: Expand use of requirements review boards and tripwires
    • This initiative will expand on the use of specific best practices in service contract management that have been identified in some commands.